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Alumni Fundraising Events

There are several major challenges that alumni coordinators face in their fundraising efforts.  One being that passionate and loyal alumni may be too far away to attend an event.  Secondly, hosting an engaging event for alumni online can be a challenge with existing software.  BoothCentral can provide solutions for these problems.  Alumni with busy schedules or that are far away can pop into a university hosted virtual event on their own time.  They can do a meet and greet with various departments or faculty at their discretion and then be directed to a unique “donate now” button for each department.

Virtual Open Houses

Hosting virtual open houses can be an exciting opportunity for alumni.  Many alumni value the connections that they make at a university.  Virtual open houses can allow for alumni to stay up to date with what their colleges are up to and have a brief meet and greet with current faculty.  As with all virtual events, this also provides the university with an opportunity to catch up with old alumni and leverage potential connections that may be useful. 

Homecoming Events

While virtual homecoming may have been in its highest demand during in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, they are a good tool to keep for the long run.  Homecoming definitely has a certain excitement in-person.  However, certain demographics of people may not be able to attend for logistical reasons or safety concerns.  Catering to this demographic of people is important!  With a little creativity, creating an online experience for alumni can be an engaging experience.  Vendors can structure their booths around game day, networking, campus tours, or recent university initiatives.  Additionally, alumni are in a very controlled environment to consider donating.  While our world is becoming increasingly more digital, consider using BoothCentral as a hybrid option for an optimal experience in catering to alumni in person and online.

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LAUREN FINDLEY | University Development Office, Purdue for Life Foundation

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