Event Ticketing

Level up your ticketing experience with BoothCentral

And save money at the same time! 

Introducing Event Ticketing

Are you still selling tickets manually or using a high-cost service like Eventbrite? Then it is time to level up to our full-fledged, customizable, and data-driven ticketing platform that will meet all your ticketing and attendee registration needs. The best part? It could save you thousands in fees and comes with the stellar customer service you have come to expect from us.

All Your Ticketing Needs

BoothCentral’s event ticketing offers quick setup, catering to diverse needs like single or multiple days, timed entry, and add-ons. Organizers can effortlessly create promo codes, distribute access codes, and send event-wide updates via email or SMS. The platform ensures easy ticket refunds and efficient waitlist management for events with attendee limits. Experience seamless and flexible event ticketing in minutes with BoothCentral.

More Than a Simple Ticketing Platform

Understand where your sales are coming from and how effective your marketing efforts are with affiliated links. Invite promoters and partners to help sell tickets with full tracking capabilities. Customize the ticketing page to match your brand and look, and easily integrate it into your own website for a seamless buyer experience. Save time by syncing all your attendees’ info into your email marketing platform such as Mailchimp.

One of the Lowest Fees You’ll Find

All the features with one of the lowest ticketing fees out there. If you are using Eventbrite or a similar-priced service, we could literally save you thousands. Our pricing? It is simply $0.50 + 2.5% per ticket (with 3.2% on credit card fees). You can also opt to pass the fees directly to the ticket purchaser. And, there are no fees for tickets or registrations that are $0 (e.g., free entry). 

Convinced or Still Have Questions? Let’s Talk!

Sign up for a demo to learn more before starting your next event. 30 mins with us can both reduce your ticketing costs and upgrade your ticketing experience!