LIVE Virtual Event FAQs

For Event Managers & Event Promoters

Are you Vendor? Check out our Vendor FAQs here >>

Are you Vendor?
Check out our Vendor FAQs here >>

What is a Live Virtual Event?

BoothCentral’s Live Virtual Events work a lot like your typical trade show or craft/art fair – with vendor booths, a demonstration stage and personal customer interaction – but entirely online! No added software is required: just an internet connection! The event takes place in a regular browser window.

BoothCentral Live Virtual Events connect vendors with customers in a face-to-face interaction – online. The event host has the capability to live stream entertainment, announcements, Q&As, product demonstrations and more! As the customers scroll through the show, they will see the vendors’ booth spaces that showcase pictures, video, a short description, a “live” chat indicator and a link to their websites. Show attendees have the opportunity to engage with the vendor through live video or text chat. This is all done from a single event webpage – making it easy to use and a personal, interactive event for vendors and attendees!

How much does it cost to host an event?

Live event pricing starts at only $495. Charge for your booth and sponsors any price you desire, and we handle all of the payment processing (2.9% + 30¢ on credit card transactions).

So, for example, an event with 10 vendors can cost as low as $495 per day!.

Special pricing is available for nonprofits. To get a detailed quote or answers to questions pertaining to your event, please contact us.

Does BoothCentral take a percentage of each vendor’s booth fee?

We do not charge a percentage of your booth fees outside of the credit card transaction fees.  If you do charge vendors for for booth space and take payment on BoothCentral,  we charge 2.9% plus $0.30 per for credit card transactions.  

How can I make money hosting a virtual event?

Great question! It’s one that has many answers. Our platform is designed to be an affordable, user-friendly tool for event managers and promoters to easily create and manage virtual events. Some are transitioning from their typical in-person events that can no longer take place due to COVID-19 – while others are creating new events, and with greater frequency, than they ever could if the event was in-person. Event hosts / event promoters can make money on our platform via:

    • Regular vendor registration fees (you set that price)
    • Sponsorship dollars (you set that price)
      • “Presenting” sponsor or naming sponsorship
      • Consider securing a presenting “media” sponsor – where they get special recognition and you get a deal on advertising with their company
    • Exclusive category sales (i.e. a premium price for vendor exclusivity – only one per category)
    • Outside negotiations for a percentage of sales on vendor transactions during the event
    • Etc.! Many of the ways you would typically make money are the same with a virtual event


Do attendees of a BoothCentral Live Virtual Event need to buy tickets to attend?

At this time, all attendees need to do is register with their name and email address to get entry.

Do my vendors or attendees need to download anything?

Nope! There is no need to download any programs or software. Vendors can manage their booths with their BoothCentral login information, and attendees simply visit a website after registering for the event. Book a free demo and we’ll show you how it works!

How do vendors create their booth space?

Before consumers “enter” a booth – which is a live chat between show vendors and up to 5 attendees – they scroll through the vendors featured on the page. Each vendor tile functions like a virtual “booth” where vendors can post pictures, a welcome video, a short description of their company/work and a link to their website.

What happens if I can’t get something to work?

Stay calm! BoothCentral provides a support concierge for every event. This means you’ll have a live person, located in America, to help the host, vendors and attendees during the course of the event. With just one click, your BoothCentral expert will provide technical support. Feel free to visit our extensive support site to troubleshoot or seek greater advice on technical matters prior to your event.

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