Virtual Event Toolbox for Vendors


We’re so glad you are going to be part of a Live Virtual Event! Use this information to make this virtual event a successful one!


When preparing for an in-person event, you may have a checklist you review as you organize your products, pack your booth setup into the car, and map out your route to the event. With a Virtual Event, there’s a different to-do list!  This page will serve as your checklist to ensure that your participation in the virtual event goes smoothly.



General Preparation for Event

LEARN MORE by watching the Tips & Tricks Video above.

REVIEW your Virtual Booth and TEST the video chat.  Here is a short user guide to help you through the process.  It is easy!

EDIT your Vendor Profile by logging into, choosing the My Events menu and clicking into the ‘Edit Booth’ link on the event window. Check out this video tutorial or written document for guidance!

INVITE your customers, friends, and family to attend your event by sharing the BoothCentral event link!

Setting Up Your Space


A live-chat web video is best when the presenter is close to the camera and set up in a quiet, well-lit area.  It is important to have your device close to your internet router so attendees can see and hear you clearly.

Many consumer event vendors have set up a display of their products, or used their showrooms or studios as their background in order to give live virtual tours during the event.  For employers participating in a career fair, keep your space clean and simple and provide prospects with a visual reference to your organization

We recommend taking some time before the event to set up a backdrop or display and look at it through your camera.  Does it look cluttered? Boring? What catches your eye? Plan to have your products nearby so you can easily show them to customers and answer questions – just like you would at an in-person event!

Browser Requirements

Google Chrome offers the best experience for desktop and Android devices.

Safari is required for Apple iPhone / iPad / iOS.


Update your Browser! Recommended Browser Versions:

  • Chrome 74, or more recent
  • Safari 12.1, or more recent
  • Firefox 66, or more recent
  • For iPhone and iPad, your device must have iOS 12.01 or newer

Internet Connectivity

Virtual Events include live stream and video chat, both which require a lot of internet bandwidth.

Tips for strong connection:

  • If possible, hardwire your device into your router
  • If using WiFi, set up your computer or device as close to the router as possible
  • If using a mobile device, LTE data connections can be more reliable than WiFi
  • Limit internet usage outside of BoothCentral during the event
  • Close out of all unnecessary applications on your device during the event

Making Sales during Consumer Events


All sales must be processed through the vendor’s e-commerce platform or website. When chatting with attendees, there are many ways to direct them to complete their purchase. We recommend two options:


  • If you have an online store, customers can click out of the chat and click on website. Be prepared with clear instructions – “Click on the webpage under my tile.  Search for < this item > in my online store.”
  • Provide the customer with your PayPal address. When they pay, ask them to include the item they are purchasing in the “Note.”

Generating Leads during Career Fairs


Prospecting and lead collection will be managed outside of BoothCentral through the participating employer’s preferred method.  When chatting with attendees, there are many ways to direct them to complete their purchase. We recommend two options:

  • If you have an ATS or Recruiting solution, job seekers can click out of the chat and link to the appropriate page on your organization’s website. Be prepared with clear instructions – “Click on the webpage under our tile.  Then enter your contact information into the future opportunities area.” 
  • Provide the customer with your email address. Request that they email you directly with their contact information, job history, resume, cover letter, etc.

Troubleshooting Tips

Technical difficulties? These steps fix most issues.

For bandwidth or general quality issues, try these tips.

No cam, no mic? Try this.

If you are still having technical issues, please visit Booth Central’s Support Page or contact [email protected].

To peruse additional help documents, please visit our online Support Center!