Virtual Event Toolbox for Promoters


Congratulations on creating your Live Virtual Event!  We’re so glad to partner with you and hope you have a successful event!  Below you will find resources for you as you work through the different phases of your event.


Getting Started!

Now that you’ve decided to move forward with a Virtual Event, you may have questions!  How do I create my event in BoothCentral?  What information do I need for set-up?  How will I communicate with my vendors and customers? We’ve created a phased guide to help you through the planning and execution of your Virtual Event.


Expand each phase below to view more detail. 

Phase 1: Set Up

1. Create a Promoter Account.  Click here to set up your promoter account.  It’s easy!

2. Create Your Event.  Log into your account and click the “Create an Event” button.  If you have questions as you create your event, here are two helpful resources.

Written instructions

Video instructions

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to click “Is this a virtual event?” checkbox for your virtual event!

3. Live Event Banner Images.  You will need 4 unique event graphics.  One will display on your event listing and the remaining three will be displayed to vendors and attendees on the live event page.  The appropriate image is rendered based on the user’s device type. Please review the size requirements here.

4. Links to Your Event.  After your event is created, you will have access to two links.  Both links will work for your event after it begins.

          Customer link & Vendor Registration Link 

    • Description: Use this link in your event Marketing and in your emails to vendors asking them to apply.  It has a Pre-registration link for customers and a Vendor Application button.  This link will not show the vendor tiles, but will show the names of the vendors. 
    • How to find it: From your Promoter Dashboard, click the “View Event Listing” button.  The formatting of the URL is as follows:

         Event Preview Link

    • Description: This is the ‘behind-the-scenes’ link.  It allows you to look at the vendor tiles as they auto-populate after approval.  
    • How to find it: Add /live the URL of your event.  The formatting is as follows:

Good to know: Vendors can log into BoothCentral and enter the event page at any time.  This allows them to review their Vendor Booth and try out the video chat capabilities. 

Phase 2: Communication to Vendors & Sponsors

Your event has now been created and you’re eager to share the news with your vendors and sponsors!  However, some of your vendors may not understand what virtual events are.  Here are some tips on how to communicate to your vendors about your upcoming Live Virtual Event.

  1. Initial communication to Vendors.  There are several resources that we recommend providing to your vendors as you are contacting them about registration.
      • Check out this sample Vendor Outreach Template to use as a starting point!
      • Vendor FAQs.  This document explains some of the questions vendors typically have about live virtual events.
      • This video gives vendors a visual understanding of what the event will be like and how their video chat will work.
      • For application help, Vendors can review this tutorial.  This document describes how the vendor application maps to the vendor’s Virtual Booth!
      • Registration Link.  Include the link to your event listing.  This page will have a button for your vendors to click to apply. 
      • You will need to approve the applications of your vendors.  After you click the Accept button from your promoter account in BoothCentral, the vendor’s tile will auto-populate to the “Registered Vendor Link” (see above – the “/live” link).
  2. Communication to Accepted Vendors. After vendors have been approved, they will be interested in understanding more specifics of how the event will work.  You can provide them with these resources.
      • Virtual Event Toolbox”. This webpage will help vendors prepare for the event. It includes a ‘Tips & Tricks for Live Virtual Events” video that your vendors should be encouraged to watch. 
      • Make sure you provide your vendors know that they can review their virtual booth by logging in, navigating to the event listing and drilling into the ‘vendors – enter here’ button.  Edits can be made by clicking “EDIT BOOTH”. These instructions are available to them in the Vendor Toolbox.
      • Tell your vendors they have access to live chat support during the hours of your event by clicking the chat icon on the left side of the BoothCentral website.
  3. Creating Value for Sponsors with Live Virtual Events. There are numerous ways that you can create value for sponsors using BoothCentral’s Live Virtual Event platform.  Check out this guide if you will be soliciting sponsorship! 

Phase 3: Communication to Customers

In addition to vendors, you will want as many customers as possible to attend your event. While your marketing plan is up to you, in the weeks leading up to the event, we recommend a minimum of 5 emails to your customers and 5 social media posts. Here are some ideas and recommendations.

  1. Sample Communication Timeline. This document will give you a list of possible content for five emails to your customers.
  2. Press Release Templates. This document provides a starting point for your press release. Feel free to edit it and make it your own.  Here is a second Press Release Sample.
  3. Facebook Event. There is significant value in creating a Facebook event. Cut and paste these simple instructions in an email to your vendors, so that they can add the event to their business pages.
    1. Click here <make sure to insert your event link> to open the <Your Event Name> FB event
    2. Click on the … on the right-hand side just under the image.
    3. Click “Add to Page” and select the page you want to add it to.

We ask that vendors do not create a new Facebook Event for this event. But, it’s easy to add the event to your own FB page! Here is a quick video tutorial on how to share an event! 

Phase 4: Event Production

Your vendors are now signing up and you have attendees registering!  It’s time to prepare your event content.  With BoothCentral you have a few options!  

Live Stream

Streaming content live during your event is a great way to mimic the feeling of an in-person event.  Think of your Live Stream as the ‘Main Stage’.  Your stream could include interviews, demonstrations, entertainment and even giveaways!  Your attendees are part of the action!  To prepare for your Live Stream:

    • Create and Publish an event schedule of your Live Stream.  This will allow attendees to drop in during the times that catch their attention!
    • Familiarize yourself with your live stream service.  BoothCentral has integrations available for Zoom and Streamyard.
      • Streamyard | BoothCentral customers are eligible for a free trial and lifetime discounts. Create a Streamyard account here!  For more Streamyard Help, visit their FAQs page.
      • ZoomSign up or log in here.  For more assistance, visit Zoom Support.
    • Request your Stream Key. Email us at [email protected] when you are ready to link your Zoom or Streamyard Broadcast to your BoothCentral event page.

Pre-Recorded Content

Pre-recorded content takes the stress out of event day.  Review this article to learn more about some of the ways to use pre-recorded content during your event.

No Content

If neither a Live Stream or a Pre-Recorded Video make sense for your event, the video banner can be removed from your event page entirely.   If you would like this section of the event page removed, please message us at [email protected].

Event Day!

It’s the day of your event.  The buzz in the air, the excitement, the nervousness is there, just like it is for an in-person event. If you’ve planned out your event, prepared your vendors, and marketed well, you’ll have a great day. Here are some ideas for the day of your event.

  1. Send out your “day of” email.  BoothCentral will send an email to everyone who has pre-registered on the morning of the event, but we recommend you that you send an email to your entire mailing list before the event and express your excitement for the day!
  2. Encourage vendors to log into the event and Start their Video Chat early.  If they have any difficulties, they can click the button for live chat support.
  3. Log in to the Live Stream chat.  After your event begins, log into the Live Stream chat to interact with your customers. Note: Assign someone who is NOT MCing or managing the Live Stream to monitor/reply to guest chats during the event. Live Chat is visible from the event page, not within the selected streaming tool. 
  4. Enjoy the day!  We hope you have a wonderful event.  Visit some of your vendor’s Video Chats and see how the event is going for them.

To peruse additional help documents, please visit our online Support Center!