Upcoming BoothCentral Highland County Fall Festival featured in The Roanoke Star

The Roanoke Star, the best local news source for Roanoke, Virginia, featured the hybrid event hosted by BoothCentral, the Hand & Harvest Festival in their e-article. They highlight the new hybrid format for the fair, with both in-person and online components. 
Hybrid events combine the best of both worlds, allowing locals to attend the fair ground and other users across the world to browse and shop the participating businesses. BoothCentral’s live stream feature will be displaying unique aspects of the festival and exclusive tours of the rural, mountain community.

“This hybrid event offers visitors the option to take part in the festival online even if they are unable to make it or if they feel uncomfortable with travel at this time,” says Executive Director of the Highland County Chamber of Commerce, Chris Swecker.  “Whether online or in person, people will get to experience what makes our rural community so special at this time of year.”

Roanoke Star featured BoothCentral