BoothCentral’s Tim Gill Shares Event Tips on Podcast

Leah Gervais, a leading online business coach, hosted Tim Gill in her “Your Biggest Vision” podcast series. Tim explains how he modified BoothCentral’s platform during the pandemic, how it changed the future of his business and shared event tips for planning an event during a pandemic. 

Tim details how BoothCentral pivoted to virtual events in 10 days and how he intends to use the website to expand markets and offer services to businesses that might not have considered hosting a virtual event.

He also offers event tips for planning virtual events for your company or online platform. Tim mentions that BoothCentral is continually brainstorming ideas to upgrade the virtual experience by integrating sights, sounds, and even smells with some creative solutions. 

You can listen to the whole podcast here.

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