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BoothCentral Hybrid Event Guide

You’re an event planner. You multitask, solve problems on the fly and have learned to expect the unexpected. Then 2020 came along and had different plans that none of us could have anticipated.

As you’re adapting to the new events landscape, you’ve probably heard about hybrid events and wondered how they can fit into your event plans. We’re here to help guide you through a successful hybrid event – from creation to completion.


First thing’s first: what is a hybrid event?

In-Person Vendors and Attendees + Virtual Online Components = Hybrid Event

With the increasing popularity and cost-effectiveness of virtual events, hybrid events are great way for event managers and promoters to amplify their “traditional,” in-person events at a relatively low cost for added reach and impact. A hybrid event is a tradeshow, career fair, conference, seminar, workshop or other event that combines an in-person destination with a virtual component, too. Hybrid events also allow people who might be physically unable to attend an in-person event (due to location, health, or other limitations) to participate virtually, thus removing barriers and offering a more inclusive experience for all.

Learn more about how Hybrid Events work >>


Ok – but how much work is it going to take?

As an event organizer, the work to transform your in-person event into a hybrid event depends on what you want the virtual component to look like. It can take a lot of extra planning and coordination or it can involve some minimum tweaks to your in-person event plan. Chances are – it’s somewhere inbetween. We suggest starting with what you’ve already got planned for your in-person event and decide what you’d like to offer to virtual attendees.

Think of the virtual component as an extra stage of your show – one that has endless reach that can bring your once stationary show into homes across the country! Some promoters choose to live stream demonstrations, music acts or speakers happening at their in-person event so everyone gets the same experience. On the other hand, you could choose to offer virtual attendees a unique experience by featuring different product demonstrations or speakers. For the most low maintenance option, some promoters just play music while the attendees visit vendor booths. Any or all of these options can lead to a successful virtual event.

As far as vendor setup and management goes, just like in-person events, vendors are responsible for setting up and running their own digital booth. However, if you’d like to do the work for them, we can make it happen. With the help of a virtual event platform you’ll be able to capitalize on everything you’ve already built and offer it as an engaging online experience. 

Think of a virtual component like an insurance policy.

Now that you have everything planned with a virtual audience in mind, it’s far less disappointing (and costly) if in-person attendance becomes impossible to pull off safely. So if your community has a surge in COVID-19 cases, your venue has to cancel, there’s a statewide mandate or some other wild, unforeseen 2020-like bizareness happens, your show will go on.

The more excitement you’ve built with your vendors and sponsors around the new virtual event components, the better. They’ll have an easier time seeing the value in their investment, even without the traditional in-person elements.

Instead of scrambling to figure out a plan B, you can continue expanding on half of your original plan A. So go ahead, plan with confidence. Go big and go hybrid!

Read more about why an hybrid event is like an insurance policy >>


Now let’s set you up for success.

While hybrids may not be the go-to format you’re used to, you’ve likely already dabbled in some of the event technology that makes them work. Now it’s time to leverage those key virtual elements and thoughtfully plan for how they’ll serve as a compliment to the in-person experience, or as an alternative if the need arises.

We’ve gathered some wisdom from fellow industry experts to help guide you as you shape your next successful hybrid event.

Creating a Successful Hybrid Event

Hybrid events take planning. There’s no way around it. With BoothCentral, you can plan on being successful. Read More >> 

7 Ps for a Successful Hybrid Event

There is a popular theoretical tool among marketers called the 7Ps Marketing Mix. We’ve put together 7 powerful Ps of our own to help guide you through the successful planning and execution of your hybrid event. Read More >>

You’ve got this. And we’ve got your back.

Bottom line, your event’s reach can grow tremendously when attendees are free from scheduling, budgetary, travel, proximity and health risk constraints. The same factors can also make it easier for vendors to participate and expand upon their event presence. With BoothCentral, we can help you generate revenue, reach nationwide attendees and make your vendors happy. Ready to get started? Let’s do this >>

Interested in learning more about how easy and affordable the BoothCentral Virtual Event Platform is? We’d love to show you around.

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Many event promoters are now looking at turning their traditional physical events into hybrid events.

A hybrid event combines an in-person destination with a virtual component, too, to help increase reach,  attendance and revenue.

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