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Are you an Event Manager or Promoter? Check out our Promoter FAQs here >>

Are you an Event Manager or Promoter?

Check out our Promoter FAQs here >>

Should I set up my full booth, just like an “in-person” event?

The quick answer: it depends. A live-chat web video is often best when the presenter is close up and in a brightly lit space. If your booth is complex, includes small images, is dark and/or massive – the answer might be no, don’t set up your regular booth. Many vendors have set up a backdrop and a display of products, or used their showrooms as their background so they can give a live virtual tours. 

The most important thing is to set up in a quiet, well-lit area close to your internet router so attendees can be sure to see and hear you clearly. We recommend taking some time before the event to set up a display and look at it through your camera. Does it look cluttered? Boring? What catches your eye? Have product samples or service demonstrations nearby so you can easily interact with customers and answer their questions – just like you would at an in-person event! Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll schedule some time to walk you through setting up your booth.


Does BoothCentral have e-commerce capabilities?

At this time, no. All sales must be processed through the vendor’s e-commerce platform or website. When chatting with attendees, there are many ways to direct them to complete their purchase. We recommend two options:

  1. If you have an online store, customers can click out of the chat and click on website. Be prepared with clear instructions – “Click on the webpage under my tile. Search for < this item > in my online store.” 
  2. Provide the customer with your PayPal address. When they pay, ask them to include the item they are purchasing in the “Note.”


What happens if I can’t get something to work?

Stay calm! BoothCentral provides a support concierge for every event. This means you’ll have a live person, located in America, to help the host, vendors and attendees during the course of the event. With just one click, your BoothCentral expert will provide technical support. Feel free to visit our extensive support site to troubleshoot or seek greater advice on technical matters prior to your event.

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